Grand Teton Movie Theater Style

Our classic butter flavor popcorn is popped in a rich, all-natural, non-dairy, butter flavored, coconut oil; infused with a finely ground sea salt.

Campfire Kettle

This crowd pleaser is simultaneously popped and glazed in a lighter, gluten-free, soy based vegetable oil. Our popping process is much gentler, yielding a larger, rounder, fully popped kernel. When it comes to ingredients, we use less oil and sugar than most kettle corn. So think of it this way, there's less guilt involved! 

S e a s o n a l  A R T I S A N  f l a v o r s

Salted Cowboy Caramel

Rich in caramel flavor with subtle hints of butter toffee and molasses, we tumble this popcorn in a molten mix that cools to form its crispy, evenly coated candy shell. While all caramel contains salt, our unique finishing process involves dusting each kernel with a coarse pretzel salt that one can see, crunch, and taste. Yum!

Outlaw Cheddar

So savory it’s almost sinful, this flavor boasts a rich, trans-fat free, mac-n-cheese style, cheddar flavored frosted coating.

Lucky Cowboy! 3-Way Mix

Do we need to explain?! This cheeky mixture of Salted Cowboy Caramel, Outlaw Cheddar and Grand Teton Movie Theater Style is a great taster of some our most popular flavors. Pick out your favorite, or enjoy the flavorful mixture by the mouthful.

I’m Your Huckleberry!

A beautiful blend of decadent Ghiradelli white chocolate frosted popcorn with rich, tart, mountain berry flavored caramel-style candy coated popcorn. As much a dessert as a snack.

Bacon Powered PIG POP

Warning: This mild chili pepper bacon caramel corn is dangerously addictive. The Pig Candy™ of caramel corn, this flavor is made with locally sourced, all-natural bacon flavor, real chunks of bacon and mild chili pepper. It combines the perfect blend of savory, sweet and a low altitude heat (that doesn’t usually kick in until the second or third bites, quickly leveling off at a comfortable cruising altitude, so that fire extinguishers aren’t required!).